Southwestern Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois Opportunity

Full-time position for a Nurse Practitioner in the Southwestern Suburbs of Chicago Illinois at premier sub-acute facilities. 


Nurse Practitioner - Southwestern Suburbs, Illinois


$115,000-$140,000 compensation package includes your salary($95,000 to $110,000 range based on experience) and benefits($20,000 to 30,000 range). We offer steady paychecks twice a month.

Bi-monthly bonuses and benefits.


Benefits include healthcare insurance, liability insurance, dental and vision reimubursement, 401k with a match, Continuing Medical Education(CME)  and HIPAA awareness certification.

Performance bonus paid twice a month.

We are looking for nurse practitioners that have a range of experience.  If you are a recent graduate or a nurse practitioner with 5+ years of experience we want to work with you.  You will be compensated based on experience, clinical knowledge, attitude and interpersonal skills.

Our nurse practitioners need a valid RN and APN license and need to be board certified. We prefer you to already have a DEA number and controlled substance license but if you don't we will help in applying for this.  

Daily responsibilities
Our nurse practitioners responsibility is to work at one of our high-end (some are 4 to 5 stars) sub-acute facilities from Monday to Friday.  We don't send you to different buildings on different days. Your daily responsibility is to  assess all aspects of the patient's health status at the sub-acute care facility that need attention that day.  You will make rounds, attend to patients, diagnose, create orders if needed, fill out a charge ticket and enter notes.

Application Process
If you are interested in knowing more about the job opening, please email us your resume at or use our contact form and begin the confidential discussion and hopefully rewarding journey of becoming part of the KareFirst team!

job opportunity in Southwestern SUBURBS OF CHICAGO ILLINOIS